Monday, April 6, 2015

A quick note...

I haven't posted in awhile, huh?  We all got sick, then pink eye made its rounds, then we had 2 friends from out of state visit in the same week.

Uh oh...have to hurry here.  I can hear BoyCake burbling happily to himself in the back room.  He doesn't usually stay happy very long back there.

All is well here.  We start school again today (last week was our week off).  We have music co-op this afternoon, so school today will be moderately stressful.  Bible study Tuesday night and I have a class on Wed about cataracts.  Friends for dinner on Sat.  A busy week, but not too busy.

And now, off to get BoyCake.

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Charlotte said...

Hi Tyna! So happy to have a fellow blogger that I know IRL! And we loved being in your home yesterday; all the kids and us too, had a great time. Have a blessed week! :)