Friday, March 20, 2015

Getting Sick

Well, the expected is happening.  Sinus pressure is building, nose is drippy.  I'm getting sick.  Feeling okay right now, but I'm sure to degrade as the day goes on.  So I'm preparing.  It's a quarter 9am - laundry is in the dryer, dishwasher is going.  Breakfast is over and cleaned up.  Chicken thawing for dinner.

If I can get about an hour of school stuff in, Leah and Nathan can get their projects finished.  Hannah can work on hers independently today.  I'd like to get the whole house swept.  Hannah needs to clean the chicken coop.  I originally wanted to plant the first garden bed today, but we'll have to see. Not sure yet if that will happen.

Olivia achieved a milestone yesterday: she can now ride a 2 wheeled bike!  And this morning she changed her clothes all by herself.  My baby girl is officially not a baby any more.

I also noticed that much of the baby things are going away.  Only 1 more in diapers. Joe won't even wear Pull-Ups. All baby clothes smaller than 12 months are gone. I'm considering taking down the Jonny-Jump-Up thingy. I got out the walk-behind-push-toy for Seth this week.  He's growing up too. The last baby.  I can't quite decide if I'm sad or relieved. Some parts of babyhood are so hard, but other parts are so sweet.

My oldest is coming up on 13 years old. How did that happen? I still remember feeling nervous that the hospital staff were just going to let us take home this tiny breakable creature. Now she's 5 foot 4 inches.

Ah well.  Perhaps my impending illness is making me nostalgic.

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