Thursday, March 19, 2015


Since my last post, I got a couple really good nights of sleep.  I've felt strong and capable the last 2 days.  And just in time, because one by one, the children are getting sick.  Just a cold, mind you, but when they are sick, they wake me up in the night. Last night I was woken up 4 times.  Good thing my sleep was caught up or I would have died.

But I can go a couple nights with multiple getting-ups.  I guess I'm still feeling good from catching up, but I feel like I've totally got this.  Check in with me on Saturday, and I'm sure I'll brain dead again.  But for today, I got this.  Chicken soup for lunch, multiple boxes of Kleenex in strategic places, stocked up on cold meds.  School will just be working on their projects in whatever form that child feels up to it.

Speaking of projects, I am so proud of them!  Nathan is doing his project on the octopus.  He's copying facts, printing pictures, exclaiming over new things.  So much better than last year.

Leah did her project on the zebra.  Very cool, we both learned how to tell the 3 different zebras apart.

Hannah finished her comparison of alligators and crocodiles.  Yesterday she started work on Haiti.  I love hearing them comment on how interesting things are.  She made notes like crazy, sharing one or two occasionally.  I need to go to Staples or somewhere to enlarge the map she's working on.  I love it when they are loving learning!

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