Monday, March 16, 2015


Nothing exciting happening here folks.  Hannah has a cold. I need to get our garden beds ready for planting.  I should go to the grocery store tonight. I REALLY should work out today, but I am so tired.  I'm having a really hard time motivating myself to expend a bunch of energy on jumping jacks and pushups. But I've gained 10 pounds.  But I'm so tired. But I jiggle when I walk. But all I can think about is sleep and caffeine.

I just read an article about George Muller.  He quit homeschooling his daughter at age 12. He had several good reasons, but there was one I found disturbing.  He wrote that his wife had her own ministry concerns and could not give herself completely to the work of educating the child.

I have always had the mindset that once you decide to homeschool, the children's needs come before any outside ministries (by the wife/mother). I don't know what exactly Mrs. Muller was doing, but this certainly challenges my view.  I'll have to percolate on this for awhile.

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