Friday, January 16, 2015

It was lovely...

My birthday was very nice.  My favorite six year olds made the cake.  My DH gave me a new pillow I've been wanting (I have pillow issues - they're never quite right.)  But this pillow is super-de-duper.  I love it!

My little girls gave me a stitch holder and a needle gauge.  I have loose needles rattling around and have no idea what size they are.  Now I can fix that!  And really, you can never have too many stitch holders.  Or stitch counters.  Or stitch markers.  Or yarn.  But I'm on a yarn diet.  Sigh...

So, I read the Yarn Harlots blog and she mentioned she was doing something or other for her local guild.  WHAT!?!?  There are guilds for us crazy knitter types?!  Why did no one tell me this?  So, I Googled my area and found that we do indeed have a guild.  The Camellia City Stockin-ettes.  Is that the mostest adorablest name ever?!  I sent in my application and fee At Once.  The next meeting is the first Thurs of February.  Guess you know where I'll be.

In other news, I got a hair cut today.  And not just a hair cut.  A Style.  Auntie Kay gave me a new do for my birthday (well, not her personally.  She just paid for it).  It's the same length, but with some layers and a whole lot of the heavy taken out.  Michael says it's my '50's hair.  I didn't try for that, but it makes me happy.  June Cleaver and Donna Reed were my childhood heroines.  I still make my children watch old re-runs.

Well, I have a problem.  Perhaps you will advise me?

I told Hannah she could attend a birthday party, and we went ahead and RSVP'd.  Only somehow I missed that we are having company that evening.  What to do?  The only save I can come up with is to call and ask the lovely hostess if I can drop Hannie off early (perhaps help with setup?) so that the drop off doesn't come just as we are supposed to sit down to dinner.  Would that be cheesy of me?  Would it bug you if you were the hostess?

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