Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Our chickens are laying finally!  We got 7 eggs yesterday.  They started laying last week, and we are getting 3-4 a day.  Yesterday must have been a fluke.  I don't know which bird is laying those lovely dark brown eggs, but they sure are pretty.  Most of the eggs are a medium pinkish/brown.  Some have light speckles.  But yesterday we got one dark brown one.  I love it!  And the little banty silky is laying too...tiny little eggs about half the size of the others.

We are having smoothies for breakfast this morning.  Then school and chores.  Lunch around 11:30.  A quick stop at the library (maybe), then off to a playdate for the afternoon.  I plan to make a Cobb salad for dinner.  Mental note - boil some eggs this morning, for dinner.

Michael and I are starting to talk about vacations this year.  We want to go to visit his old high school buddy in Montana this year.  That will probably happen June or July.  We also talked with other friends about doing a joint vacation - renting a beach house in Texas.  That seems like it will be later in the summer - maybe August or September.  Those are 2 big trips...not sure we can manage both.  It will depend on our taxes, I think.

Well, kidlets are getting up.  Gotta go!

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