Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy Birthday to me!!

I am 42 years old today.  I am no longer the perky 26 year old I used to be, but I am a vibrant, healthy, intelligent, highly organized woman.  I like to read.  I love to knit.  I like to homeschool when the children are co-operative!  I like to have people over for dinner.  Actually, I like that last one a whole lot.  I like to go over to other people houses too, but when you have 6 children, most people are a little scared to invite you over.  But I'm okay with that now.

I told the children that I am taking the day off.  I did put some Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal in the oven for breakfast this morning, but they get to cover for me today on all my usual chores.  Laundry, unloading the dishwasher, dishes, diaper duty, etc.  And Hannah gets to clean the chicken coop today!  I will try not to chuckle gleefully as they see what a day in the life of mommy looks like.

I am going to work out this morning, and shower.  I will sit and read.  And knit.  And MY friends are coming to play this afternoon, and bringing spicy chocolate with them!  I have the best friends EVER!

Then, after a lovely dinner of baked pork chops and roasted veggies/potatoes (made by my number 1 son), Auntie Kay & Co. will come over for Yummy Lemon Cake and Ice Cream (cake made by my number 2 daughter!).

It's going to be a lovely day.

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