Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It started well...

Well, I got my budget all set up, and have been logging purchases faithfully.  So that's good.

I weighed myself and took my measurements.  I did not lose any weight, but I did lose 1/2 inch in the tummy and a 1/2 inch in the hips.  So that's good.

But now I'm sick.  Just a cold, but I'm just really lethargic today.  Seth is sick too, but is on the upswing now.  But 3 other kidlets are starting to sneeze and get really whiney.  That is not good.

I got the Christmas decorations packed up and waiting to be shlupped out to the shed.  The tree is ready to dismantle, but the box it goes in is buried under an equipment rack that I cannot lift solo.

We did not do school today.  I really should have.  But I was tired.  And sniffly.  But mostly tired.  I roused myself for an hour or so to get the Christmas stuff done, and now I'm really tired.

So.  Michael is putting the little ones to bed (because he's awesome that way) while I sit here waiting for a decent time to go to bed.  Somehow, 7:30 seems obscenely early.  Maybe 8.

Well, I am going to listen to Nathy read, then I will check the BBQ pork in the crockpot.  Then perhaps bed.  Good night.

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