Friday, November 21, 2014

The Holidays are upon us!

Oh my, only a week till Thanksgiving!  I've made my menu and have begun assigning items for people to bring.  I have a shopping trip to make, but it doesn't look too crazy.  We have a bit of a snafu in that we currently have 2 very sick children.  Fevers, upset tummies (but no vomiting. Yet.).  I suppose it's best that they are sick this week rather than next week.  Isn't God good?!  He always orders things so perfectly.  A pretty gnarly illness just before we all start thinking about all we are thankful for.  I am blessed and highly favored.

I have begun my mental lists for next year.  This is my particular brand of weirdness.  I make lists of things to make list about.  I need to make a list about household chore distribution, a list of 'big' chores to be done throughout the year, Hannah will be turning 13 this year so I need to start a list soon of all the lovely things I'd like to do for her birthday event, and so on and so on.  I like lists.  If I do something that is not on the list, I write it on the list just so that I can cross it off!  It's a lovely thing I tell you!

I found a lovely thing that I want for Christmas.  I hinted to my hubby rather obviously, but he always has such great gift ideas, he may not want to get me this just yet.  But I'll share it with you just cuz it's have to go to the website because I'm not so great at getting pictures into my blog from other sites...

It can be used for Advent, Easter, Lent, etc.  There is a figure of Jesus with the cross, and one of Mary w/child.  So, so lovely.

And here's a updated picture of my sweater.  I've finished Phase 3.  What you see here is the right chest/shoulder.  Phase 4 is supposed to do the left side, but I'm stuck.  The directions don't make sense to me, so I'm hesitant to go on.

Well, I need to go tend to my littles.  Perhaps I can squeeze in a quick trip to the store later...I'm out of eggs.  Again.

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