Monday, October 6, 2014


I love October.  It's my favorite month.  It's still pretty warm here during the days, but the evenings and mornings are cool.  Another couple of weeks and we will be out of the 90 degree days.

Michael took the 3 oldest for a swim at the lake yesterday.  It's probably the last time this year.

This morning was spent outdoors.  The chicken coop was cleaned, one of the garden boxes fertilized and watered- ready to sit fallow for the winter.  I'm looking forward to planting it in the spring.

The other garden box has had the soil turned and loosened.  We will set it up for the Square Foot method tomorrow, and hopefully plant winter crops next week.  It's really late in the season, so I need to purchase some plants instead of using seed.  Oh well.  Tis the nature of having a house full of littles.

Once that box is planted, I will turn my attention to cultivating and fertilizing the other garden space behind the house.  A long skinny area - maybe 15 feet long and 2 1/2 feet wide, and a bigger space maybe 8 feet by 5 feet.  I'll leave that fallow for the winter as well. I want to focus on one box as I try this new method.  In the spring I'll be more adventurous.

Five out of 6 little people are sick today.  Colds - sniffles and sore throats.  We'll be 'hunkering down' the next couple day.  We have a weekend trip planned.  Since they all got sick together, I'm hoping they will all be well together by the time we leave.  At least they won't be contagious by then...

Have a great day resting in His faithfulness!!!

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