Friday, June 22, 2012


I haven't posted in forever because we have been moving!  We put an offer on a short sale on Dec 22nd, and the bank gave us an answer on May 19th (I think it was...). So there was packing and cleaning and cleaning and packing and endless trips to the home repair store for supplies and dreaming.

Now we are in our much bigger space and trying to figure out the best way to use this lovely new space. We moved out of a 1500 sf. rental into a purchased 2444 sf home.  Oh my, the echoing in here!  And with mostly laminate flooring, the sounds ricochet of walls, down hallways and make everything seem louder and closer than it really is.

Several of the neighbors have introduced themselves.  There is a lovable, grouchy Mr. Wilson-type gentleman on one side of us, and a long-haired hippie guy (with his wife) on the other.  Mr. & Mrs. Yuppie-type live directly across from us on the court. We are enjoying meeting new people and seeing how they fit into the neighborhood.

I love living in this mature neighborhood.  We have 5 large, shady oak trees on our lot alone, and all the other houses here have large, lovely trees as well.  On windy days, the wind brings the sound of the freeway right through the court, but mostly it is quiet and peaceful here.

We get new carpet in the master bedroom today, so this evening and tomorrow we can get the bedroom together and get all that furniture out of the hallways and the wardrobe boxes out of the living room.

I am dreaming of how our new spaces will look. We have a long living room, and I'm visualizing it separated into 2 spaces - the formal living room with my red couches, and the music/library area with the piano and some large, beautiful bookcases.

Once we get the bedrooms together, I need to start working on the school room. I LOVE that I will be able to keep our school out of the main living areas.  I don't like looking at my dining room and seeing ABC charts, half-finished craft projects, and the math books that didn't get put away. Loving that I can now shut that part of life in a separate room.

Well, children are getting up and asking to be fed. I hope to have pictures for you soon!

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