Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Good news!

Item 1:  I got a free evaluation for dyslexia for Nathan next week!  I'm so happy!  He's been so much harder to teach to read than Hannah was.  It will be nice to know if this is because he's a boy, because I'm not teaching to his learning style, or if he has a processing issue, or some combination of the above. 

Item 2: Our agent informed us that the short sale we've been waiting on for 4 months should have an answer for us by the end of next week!  Then begins the stress of deciding if we are really going to go thru with buying it...Yikes!!

Item 3: Our final probate hearing was last Friday.  Waiting for final papers to be filed, and we are done!  Another week maybe...woohoo!

Oops, gotta go.  Josiah beckons from downstairs...

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