Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hanging in there...

My two bigs are still pretty sick today. Nathan is hoarse and raspy, Hannah is constantly sniffling and is tired. We didn't do school again today, but otherwise, I was pretty productive.

Laundry is done, dishes are going, dinner in the crockpot. I was able to write up instructions for How To Do Laundry. In our home, the resident 10 year old is in charge of laundry (at least colored things, not whites - children and bleach make me nervous). But baby will be coming 6 weeks or so before Hannah turns 10, and I wanted to have the directions made up and ready to go in case I need her to cover laundry for a few days. With 6 people (almost 7), we need to do a load of laundry every day.

I'm not sure yet where I want to post the instructions. If I leave it in the laundry room area, she will forget to do the gathering of stuff upstairs. I don't think it's wise to expect her to carry the directions around with her though. Hmm...I'll have to ponder that a bit more.

I'm feeling well still, but unusually tired today. I think that sick bug is trying to get me. I think I'll settle into the recliner with my knitting and some coffee for awhile, while the children are happily occupied. I'm teaching myself to knit socks (with the help of YouTube)!

Coming soon: I have had some thoughts on a few random topics that I want to share. My grandmother died in August, and it prompted me to think about how I would want my own funeral/memorial/whatever you call it done. I also have been pondering deeply the role of women as Christians. I have some thoughts, but I know they will be controversial and I'm not sure if I'm quite brave enough to post them here. I will keep thinking and praying on this one.

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