Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All is well

This week I have purposed to be less stressed and more organized and less frustrated. To that end, I have severely limited out-of-house activities and focused on getting the 3 R's of school done by 11am. Also, I have put us on a schedule of up by 7am, breakfast along with Bible journaling at 7:30, morning chores from 8am - 8:30. School starts about 8:30 (9 at the latest) and goes until the 3 R's and piano practice are done for the two older ones - usually about 10:30 or 11. Then we take a break for lunch and clean up, and back to school stuff by 12:30. So far this week, we finish up school about 2pm. That's only because Daddy does science with them in the evenings!

So far this week (mind you, only 3 days now), I have succeeded in being more peaceful. With a firmly stuck to schedule, my stress level goes down quite a bit. I think it's working!

On a delightful note, we had a very intensive ultrasound on Tuesday afternoon (because I'm so old and because the blood test was funky). We are excited to share that we have a very healthy, very active baby boy in there!! Girls 3, boys 2! They're catching up! Michael and Nathan were so happy. I caught Nathan singing to himself something like "God has given me a blessing, our new baby is a boy!" Precious!

Have a great day folks!

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