Wednesday, September 7, 2011


My days are slipping past me so quickly. Everyone up by 7am, breakfast at 7:30, then morning chores and settle down to 'school' by 8 - 8:15ish. Two hours of school, break for a snack and everyone does their 'household chore' for the day. Another hour of school, and break for lunch about 11:30 - 12. Run any errands that need doing, back home for another hour of school stuff. Then free time until late afternoon chores and dinner needs fixin'.

Busy days. We go merrily (and sometimes not so merrily) along through each season. We are really enjoying learning together. In my fourth month of pregnancy now, and expecting to feel great until January or so. There are so many things that I'd like to do...I need to finish knitting Nathan's blanket (maybe by Christmas?), then I'd love to start on one for our newest little one. It would be lovely to have one done by the time he or she arrives at the beginning of March. I've promised Hannah a knit 'thing' as well. And oh my, do the kitchen cabinets need to be scrubbed and oiled. Ah well. Each thing has it's season.

How are your lives bubbling along?

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