Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Remember forever ago when I started my spring cleaning and got distracted by paint? Well, I just completed painting the living room and entry area. Finally! After a couple months and 11 shades of gold, we finally figured it out. It's lovely. The main color is Refined Gold by Sherwin Williams. The accent color is called Bread Basket. I think it's an Olympic color. The wall with the front door, the entry arch, the mantle and the island are all the darker accent color. It looks so warm and lovely. I'll have Michael take a pic tonight after I've gotten all the 'stuff' that has reproduced in my living room the last month.

We have way too many toys. We recently read Little House in the Big Woods, and Little House on the Prairie. Did you know Laura and Mary had exactly TWO toys each?!?! A doll and a chipped cup or saucer. That's it! It sounds so lovely...the children actually had to use their imaginations and naturally supplied playthings like pinecones, tall grass, stumps. Sigh...

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