Sunday, June 14, 2009

'Ornamental' Space

After conversing with the ladies at the park on Friday, I am rethinking the planting area of my frontyard. Not the grass, mind you. The 'flower bed' parts. For some unknown reason, society seems to think that this area of our yard is for 'ornamental' plants only. To grow a veggie garden there would be met with disapproval.

Why is that?

Why do my front flowerbed HAVE to contain flowers and/or ferns? Why not a big colorful tomato plant? Or a lovely silver-green artichoke? Strawberries with their vibrant greens and splashes of brilliant crimson? Are these not 'ornamental'?

Why do I wonder what my neighbors will think when I consider ripping out my poppies and replacing them with Thyme, Basil and a few bell pepper plants? Why must gardens only be in the backyard? Who started that anyway?

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