Monday, May 18, 2009

Pantry Creativity

So I've gone thru my pantry and come up with this for the week's menu:

Monday: Terriyaki chicken, w/steamed rice, salad
Tuesday: Chili & cornbread
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday: BBQ Chicken, twice baked potatoes, green beans
Friday: Tuna Noodle something or other
Saturday: Cabbage Rolls

I'd like to invite someone to dinner this week, so perhaps I'll switch Fri & Sat around, depending on what day they come.

I'm allowing myself $40 a week for groceries, so here's todays shopping list:

coffee creamer
sugar/berries/pectin for jam making this week
V8 juice
dried rosemary
lemon pepper
frozen juice concentrates

I think that pretty well takes up my 40 bucks. I'll take my calculator with me and if I have any $ left over, I'll grab a couple cans of kidney and/or black beans.

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