Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No Boys Allowed!

Warning! This is a girls post! Talking about inside girl parts that boys don't need to know about. If you are a boy, do not read the rest of this post!

You were warned...

I had a Dr appt yesterday for my HPV checkup. Dr. R is my doctor, but Dr. H came in for a consult. Dr. R was ready to do a colposcopy (take little chunks out of my cervix with a really big, ugly slide cutting tool). When she swabbed the area, she could find no displasia (sp?). Get that?! No bad cell growth!

Believe me, she poked and prodded. Searched high and low. Couldn't find anything. So she just did a normal PAP and sent it off to the lab. We'll see when the results come back if the virus is gone (thanks to the LEEP) or just sleeping for now. Even if it's just hiding out in there somewhere, it could be years before I get any more abnormal cells pop up. Of course, it could also show up next month, but we're trying to be positive here...

So, for now all is well. I have to go for check ups every 6 months instead of every 2 years, but that's better than a hysterectomy!!

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