Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nani & Leah

This is Nani Helen and Leah. Nani will be 84 next month, and Leah is coming up on 3 months. We feel very blessed that we are getting some pictures of them together.
After a bazillion medical tests and visits with various doctors, Nani has decided not to have surgery on her heart. She has been advised to be very careful with any physical activity (including laundry, sweeping, etc), as she could have a heart attack at any moment.
So, we are trying to spend lots of time with Nani and Papa, and get lots of pictures of them with the children. I'd like to get a professional picture done with them and the kids, but it's hard to schedule something like that - Nani often feels ill and wants to stay home, plus the 100 degree heat this summer. Yikes!
Well, I'm off to do school and housework. Have a great day!

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