Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Camping is when you pack up half your house/food/clothes and drive 2 or 3 hours into the mountains and set everything down in the dirt. It's just loads of fun.

You spend 3 days inhaling a thin, powdery dirt until your nose is clogged. You cook over a camp fire until your skin and hair smell of smoke. Then you rub in some sunscreen. Off for a swim in the silty, algae infested lake. After a freezing swim, you rub in some bug spray. Then you crawl your grimy, smelly self into your sleeping bag, only to lie awake listening to the high pitched whine of a mosquito that managed to make it into your tent, hoping it doesn't getcha while you sleep. Then one child or another wakes up at dark oh thirty complaining of being cold. You get them settled and back to sleep just in time for the baby to wake up and want to nurse. At least you can do that laying down.

Then after 3 days of this delightful adventure, you get to pack every dirty thing up and take it home. Take everything out, wash it, put it back. Then clean house because all that dirt fell out onto your floors, carpet and countertops.

Like I said, it's loads of fun. Can't wait to do it again...

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Becky said...

My poor sweet sister. I love you so much, and wish I could of been camping with you. I am so sorry you don't love camping.
Love you my dear sweet, beautiful sisterf