Friday, June 20, 2008

Some random stuff before camping...

We are off this afternoon for a quick camping trip. I've actually been efficient in getting us ready, so I have a couple minutes to post. Just a few things that have been rattling around my head the past few days.

Nathan has taken himself. He doesn't have to pee, he just likes to hold it. I finally asked him "Why do you keep holding yourself?!" He said "Because I love it."

Cute Nathan-isms:
  • alluhlit - all of it
  • lasterday - yesterday
  • watermelton - watermelon (Hannah said this one too!)

Baby Leah is doing well. She is such a sweet, mellow, good baby. I wish she would go to bed earlier though. She doesn't usually go down for the night until around 10pm or so. Yawn!!!

Well, gotta go. Have a last dash to the store, swim lesson for Nathy, and packing up the ice chest. Have a great weekend!

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