Monday, May 12, 2008


Well, life seems to be more or less returning to normal. I'm finally feeling that my body is almost normal (I can move without pain!), the expectations of my normal schedule are back (I'm so behind in ironing, I'm frightened!), and I think I've got a handle on taking 3 kids to the grocery store.

Of course, I have much less time than before, I'm still waaaaaaayyyy tired, and I catch myself staring off into space pretty often. Focusing seems to be an issue still. Must be because of the tiredness. I'm not complaining, it's just that being tired seems to affect just about everything else.

There are people I need to call and just touch base with, but those calls keep getting put off due to someone needing to eat. Really - every time I think I'm on a roll with my tasks, one or the other of the kids decides they're hungry.

Anyway, that's my life this week. Not terribly exciting. Good thing I have sweet, soft, pudgy baby cheeks to kiss...

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