Thursday, May 15, 2008

What I've done today

At the end of each day, I always feel like I've been frantically busy, but it never looks like I've accomplished anything. So, just for giggles, I've decided to document everything I do today as proof that I don't sit around watching soap operas and eating chocolate...

  • Got up at 7am
  • Nursed Leah
  • Take Nathan potty
  • Put new battery in Nathan's toy car
  • Got the children their juice and vitamin and a couple strawberries
  • Ate a bowl of cereal
  • Brushed teeth, washed faces, etc
  • Got the children their breakfast
  • Put Leah in sling so I can start my housework - she cries for 8 minutes straight so I take her out and hold her awhile
  • Loaded and started dishwasher
  • Emptied diaper pail and restocked diaper-changing station
  • 15 minute workout - abs and arms
  • Got the children dressed
  • Checked the weather report (103!!!)
  • Checked my email
  • Put Leah in sling again because she's fussy - no go. She cries and cries so I take her out and put her in bouncy seat.
  • Ironed 5 items of clothing
  • Made my bed
  • Take Nathan potty
  • Folded and put away a blanket
  • Folded and put away a basket of laundry
  • Started new load of laundry
  • Made Hannah's bed
  • Tried to put Leah in sling again - she starts crying as soon as I put her in.
  • Took out beginnings of Chicken Pot Pie for dinner
  • 10am - read a section of my new book while nursing Leah
  • Played dinosaurs with Nathan and Hannah for 4 minutes before Leah began to fuss
  • Hold Leah for about 10 minutes - happy girl! Put her in bouncy seat to begin more housework
  • Take Nathan potty
  • Swept all sweepable floors in the house while listening to Leah cry
  • Try to put Leah in sling again - cry, cry, cry
  • Nursed Leah, she fell asleep
  • 11:15am - gave up housework for an hours break for lunch
  • Mopped all moppable floors in the house
  • Folded and put away basket of laundry
  • Emptied dishwasher
  • Stand over Nathan and direct him as he puts the silverware away
  • Take Nathan potty, then put him down for a nap
  • Nursed Leah, put her down for another nap
  • School with Hannah
  • Talked with Kim on the phone
  • Ironed 5 more items of clothing
  • Talked with Aunt Myrna on the phone
  • Started dinner at 5:15, Michael home at 6, ate dinner 6:15
  • Dishes, make Michael's lunch for tomorrow
  • Put kids jammies on
  • Story time, snack time, brush kids teeth, tuck them in bed at 7:45
  • Time to relax!!! Will probably go to bed around 10pm.

Summary: It still doesn't look like I did anything today, but I have it in print that I was wildly productive!! You know, this was such a typical day. This is pretty much what every day looks like...

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Erin said...

Wow! That's a lot. Have you tried a Moby Wrap with Leah? They're kind of like a sling but I think they hold the baby more securely and tightly like being swaddled. They are quite comfortable!