Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It's 9am, and I am still not in labor. Apparently, Lori's Super Secret Labor Recipe has failed. The Cervix of Steel strikes again.

So, I finished my ironing and have preped my ingredients for tonights dinner. Another crockpot meal - Mediteranean Chicken Stew. Has to go into the crock by noon to be finished by 6pm.

Things to do today: clean bathrooms, dust, school, sort thru toys in living room and separate into keep and toss piles.

Update, 1:30pm: finished the bathrooms, dusting, toy sorting and vaccuumed. Nathan is down for his nap and Hannah and I are doing school. After school, I have nothing else that I HAVE to do today, and won't feel too guilty for putting my feet up for awhile...

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Miss_Sarah15 said...

Well, I'm up writing a term paper... but due to the fact that Mom left for your house a couple minutes ago, my guess is that you will also be pulling an all-nighter! Hope yours is uncomplicated but productive. :-)