Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Still pregnant...

My Dr confirmed this morning that absolutely NO PROGRESS has been made since last weeks appt.

Apparently it is normal for my babies to cook for 41 weeks instead of the usual 40. Must be why they're so cute.

I'm okay now, but it was really hard not to cry on the way home from the clinic. Plus the exam was horribly painful, and I had some cramping for a couple hours.

Right now, there is no cramping or contractions, but feeling intense pressure. Like the baby is just going to fall out. My tailbone is killing me. I'm soooo tired.

I put the dishes away, finished a load of laundry, ironed for a half an hour, vaccuumed, did school with Hannah, and updated my blog.

Michael promised we can do the Super Secret Recipe tonight...

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