Saturday, April 26, 2008

Introducing Leah Helen Begley!

I'm posting my 'birth experience' here, but don't worry. There are no gory or graphic details!

Well, apparently all that frenetic activity on Wednesday was some major nesting, because I went into labor about 10pm that night. Of course, it felt nothing like my last labor with Nathan, so I didn't recognize it for 45 minutes or so.

I woke Michael up at 11pm. He was foggy for about 20 minutes, so I had to direct him. "Get dressed. Go get the carseats. No, honey, the carseats need to come in." I called our friends the B's, and Mrs. B came over within 10 minutes (thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!). We left our house by 11:35.

We decided to go out to the South Sac hospital, because everyone told us how much better is was than the Morse Ave location. By the time we arrived at 12:15, I was really having to focus and breathe thru contractions.

Of course, hospital staff is not alarmed at women in labor, and were taking their time with admitting us. It is HIGHLY ANNOYING to have to answer questions about the best phone number to contact you when you're having contractions. Michael stepped up and asked them to get me a room first (my hero!), which they did.

The nurse checked me, and I was dialated to a 6. Woohoo! I asked for an epidural, and they told me they had to draw blood first, and that I'd probably get my epidural in about 45 minutes. This of course set off major alarm bells in my head. I knew there was no way in heck that I was going to last another 45 minutes. I turned to Michael and said "I'm not gonna make it. I'm not gonna get my epidural."

Three contractions later, I told the nurse I felt like I needed to push. You never saw someone move so fast!! She jumped right up and checked me again. Dialated to 9!!!

That was about the time I started to lose focus. Knowing for certain that you're not getting your drugs is very distracting.

You know how in all those old westerns, when a woman is in labor, she has that big leather strap between her teeth? I get it now. I so desperately needed to bite something. I was really wishing for a big leather strap, but settled on Michael's jacket sleeve.

Well, I'll spare you the details, but I was wishing to be anywhere but there. It felt like one would imaging being drawn and quartered would feel like. I got to experience the 'ring of fire' for the first time (not fun).

Anyway, she was born at 1:13am. I didn't need an episiotomy this time (yay!) and only had a small tear that needed 2 or 3 stitches. My first thought afterward was "Dang, it's hot in here." I was sweating like crazy.

So here's the baby details: born at 1:13am on April 24th, 2008. 7 pounds, 14 ounces, 20 inches long. Go here to see a slideshow that Michael put together:

We are all home and fine now. I'm recovering very well. Not having an episiotomy makes a HUGE difference! I feel great.

We are welcoming all visitors and phone calls!


Napagirl said...

Welcome to the family Leah!! This is your Aunt Becky, and I love you so much sweety. You have a wonderful Mom, dad, sister and brother who love you very much.
ps. Auntie will be sending you something as soon as the weather gets nicer and they open the roads again.

Erin said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to meet her. You sure are awesome! Give Nathan and Hannah a congratulations from Logan as well.