Monday, April 7, 2008

Still Nesting...

Today has been another productive day. A huge Wal Mart run this morning, took Hannah to her first art class (she's brilliant, of course!), laundry, dishes, vaccuumed, pulled 2 bags of weeds in the back yard, school with Hannie this afternoon, and even managed to update my blog!

Goals for this week: pull more weeds from sideyard in back, do something with all those stacks of books accumulating in the living room, a Babies R Us run to return/exchange some stuff, 2 extra large dinners and freeze half for when baby comes, finish our taxes, arrange appraisal for Eureka house, complete the refurbish of the chair I'm doing for Hannah's birthday. If I can complete one or two things each day, I'll be a happy woman come Saturday!

Well, my bloggy friends, now I need to give the children a bath, then start dinner. Have a blessed day!

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