Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Quick check in...

Hi all! Been a busy day again. I hit Staples first thing this morning and got a stamp made that Michael has been asking me to do for a couple weeks now (yay! I can cross that off my list!), then hit the grocery store for the produce run, dropped the kids off at Nani & Papa's, then off to my Dr appt.

I'm 38 weeks pregnant now, and my Dr says I'm 3cm dialated and 50% effaced. That's good, but not overly exciting. It could be that way for another 2 weeks, or I could go into labor tomorrow. Whatever day it is, I'm praying that it's mid-morning. That would just be soooo best for the whole child care issue.

Well, off to finish dinner. We're having terriyaki chicken with steamed rice and artichokes this evening. Michael should be home shortly and I like to have the dinner table ready when he walks in. Have a great evening!!

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