Wednesday, April 2, 2008


This morning has been very productive for me. I've done a load of laundry, went to the bank, the grocery store and the post office. I cleaned out my fridge this morning as well - I feel much better now! I still need to go to the dry cleaners today, but I can't pick that up until after 4pm.

Left on my list to do before baby: taxes, refinish a chair for Hannah's birthday, trimming shrubs in front and back, weeding front of house, getting a couple estimates on a patio cover.

The children are playing nicely in the living room in their 'tent'. I put 4 chairs back to back and threw a blanket over the top. They love it!! Gives me a solid half an hour to 45 minutes to get my stuff done.

After lunch, I'm going to make everyone go outside for awhile. It's a sunny day and they need to stretch their legs. Me too. Maybe I'll pull a few weeds and slug bait my garden. Or maybe I'll just sit in the sun.

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