Monday, December 3, 2007

Thoughts on Children...

You simply MUST go over to A Wise Woman Builds Her Home blog and see the video of Dr. Voddie Bauchaum (posted today) talking about Christians educating their children as Christians. I plan to use some of his words myself when explaining why we homeschool. Here's the link:

This is such a touchy topic. I always feel like I must speak carefully and timidly on my views, because so many people automatically feel we are being judgemental that they don't do what we do. I WANT to speak boldly and with conviction, but I also want people to like us, you know what I mean?

I also wanted to post a pic of my little man. This picture so represents his fiesty side! He's showing off his 'claws'! Love that shirt!! This picture was taken last month at our trip up to Apple Hill. That's my Hannie in the background. She's frowning a bit because she's just realizing that that bale of hay is damp!


Tammy said...

Oh, he looks scary...and too funny about her just discovering that the hay is wet! :)

I know what you mean...I always want everyone to like me too, and am just now at my age starting to figure out that it just isn't going to happen!

The same choices aren't exactly right for every single person, but I do believe home schooling is one of the best choices! :)
And I know it is for us!

Napagirl said...

Hey Tyna, love the pictue of the kids. Too cute!Please pass my hugs on to them ok.

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

Hi Tyna,

I couldn't find an email address for you, so let me answer your question here.

I can send you the pattern for the Santa star ornaments as an attachment in an email. I've received so many requests for that pattern in the past year, it was easier for me to just set it up so I can send it in an email.

So if you'll email me with your address, I'll get the pattern to you within moments.

I'm at