Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Had my ultrasound today...

It's a girl!!!!! I knew it. Dontcha just love when you are validated?

Hannah is of course delighted. Nathan said "OK' and ran off. Haven't told Michael. I want to see if he actually reads my blog...(grin!).

The tech lady says baby has very long legs. And weighs 11 ounces. The heart is beating just fine - 147 bpm. Saw 2 little kidneys and a brain (that's a good thing, in case you didn't know). I got a good pic of the baby's profile - she has my nose!! Which I got from my Nani Helen. It's a very nice nose. Smallish, but well rounded. One can go far in life when they have a good sniffer.

Now begins the "Let's name her Leah" campaign...When I asked Michael if he liked the name, he said "Yeah, it's good." Which means he doesn't give a darn. He normally waits a week or two before the due date before thinking about names. Something about pressure energizes him. But that's okay. After all, he did come up with perfectly wonderful names for the first 2 kidlets. It's just not my style, you know?

So anyway, rejoice with me! I got my wish for another precious little girl!


Wendy said...

Congratulations! Girls are awesome and so much fun! I think Leah is a lovely name, so good luck with your campaign!

And responding to the comment you left me about "Wendy-bird"...I used to be married to a Peter Pan, so I'm not surprised you'd make that connection. LOL

Julie said...

Congrats, Tyna! How exciting! I'm glad the news was what you were hoping for. Enjoy your weekend! :)

Napagirl said...

I still say Rebecca Marie after your favorite sister. Except maybe spelled Rebekah. lol Love you Tyna and cant waite to see my new niece

Tiffany said...

hfdaCongratulations!!! I knew my second was a girl too! Gotta love that mommy intuition! Are your 3 middle names, "family names?" I really like Rebecca Marie! Or maybe Leah Marie. Look at me trying to name your baby- I hope you don't mind my input - I just love to discuss baby names (anything "baby" -really!) So, here are some other combos:
Eunice marie
Rebecca lynn
Helen marie
Helen claire
Ava marie
Patricia scott
Patricia michaels
I also love "Ruby" - It's an older name like Eunice, but if you're going biblical w/ Leah - then consider Proverbs biblical portrate of a woman.
Anywho , congrats again on the happy news! God bless!

Tammy said...

Oh Congratulations! (I'm partial to girls, myself...) ;)

I remember seeing my first baby's ultrasound and thinking she had my nose, too!

Oh, and so glad you received and like your dragonfly ornament! I didn't expect to find one, but there were two...and this one was my favorite! :)

Marye said...

of my 8, 3 are girls..and they are so much fun!

Scott said...


Having four girls myself, I'm very happy for you, and for Hannah.

I like Tiffany's suggestion of "Patricia Scott." I never thought of using Scott for my girls' middle name; I was saving it for my (nonexistent) son's middle name. Should gone ahead and had Cassie Scott or Shelby Scott or Brynne Scott or Jenna Scott.