Tuesday, December 11, 2007

14 Days Till Christmas and Other Random Thoughts

Hi folks! Only two weeks to go! Are you ready? My purchasing is done, wrapping is 90% complete, and I only have 2 more 'projects' to finish. All is well in Begleyland.

Michael got to feel the baby move for the first time last night! It was such a sweet time. He lay beside me with his hand on my tummy, murmuring sweet exclamations at Peanuts gymnastics. How romantic can it get?! Sigh...! Then he rolled over and was snoring 30 seconds later...ah well.

Speaking of baby, I think I am nesting. I've been going through closets, drawers, cabinets and boxes and purging like crazy. Yesterday I went through the childrens dressers and bagged up the things that were too small, still to big, or the wrong season and stored them appropriately. I also went throught the linen cabinet. I realized that I have 4 complete sets of sheets for my bed. Why in the world would I need 4?! I kept the best 2 and Goodwill'd the others, along with a couple duplicate games, empty photo albums from the 60's, and junky picture frames that I only kept because someone put a cute picture in them. I also counted Michael's dress shirts and saw that he has 14!!! I sweetly suggested that no one really needs 14 shirts just for work, and he was willing to part with 2 dress shirts and 2 casual shirts. Not quite what I was hoping for, but good enough for now. My hope for today is to do something with the large bookcase in the entry. It just looks messy.

Mr. D at church has been teaching a Sunday School lesson on the divinity of Christ and the Trinity in general. I keep missing every other one because of nursery duty or sickness. But the ones I have attended are so so so so wonderful. I hear Mr. D make a point and I think "Ah, but the Jehovah's Witnesses believe blah blah blah." Michael says I ought to blog about it - the Witness denial of the divinity of Christ verses the Christian view. I like the idea, but need to sit down, pray and really think it through. It's such an important topic I don't want to mess it up. And I realize it will take several posts, so I'll need to decide how I want to break them up. Please keep me in prayer about this. I'd like to do this post next week, but of course the busyness of Christmas is here...

As I sit here trying how to close for today, Hannah says that she is willing to draw a lovely picture for one of you readers. So, leave me a comment, and I'll randomly pick someone on Saturday.


beckers said...

I would love to have another picture from my beautiful neice, and nephew too. lol
Love ya sister

Tiffany said...

I miss the special baby moments I shared with my husband when I was pregnant. I treasure them so much! As a former pre-school teacher, I love,love,love children's art!-and I still have pictures on my frig, from former students! Question? Were you formerly a Jehovah's Witness?-if so, I think it would be fascinating to hear how you came to know Jesus as your personal savior!