Monday, November 5, 2007

The Weekend

We had a wildly exciting event happen at our house yesterday. Now remember, we live in suburbia - row upon row of houses painted in various shades of beige. When what to our wondering eyes should appear but a deer prancing down our street!!! Yes, a deer. And it was pretty big, so I'm thinkin' it was a male. What are those called again? Something about money...oh, yes, a buck! Hannah and Nathan were so excited, they tried to run after it and had to be corralled by a very quick Daddy Man. perfect of an Autumn Event is that?

We also went to lunch at the Stricklins home. Now, Sissy had Mrs. S for her Cubbies teacher last year and knows her well, but the rest of us knew the Stricklins from saying hi at church. This lunch was perfect. Very casual and relaxed. Mrs. S served homemade chicken noodle soup and fresh made bread (YUM!). And Mr. S has a train set up in the backyard around the gazebo! Heaven for a 2yr old boy!!

I've not thought of any interesting topics for a poll for this week. Any ideas? But as I was reading through some of my favorite blogs, I see that Pleasant View Schoolhouse (PVS) has posted directions for making a fabric grocery bag. Delightful! See her link to the left if you want to check it out. Unfortunately, PVS is as likely to read my blog, as would say, Michael Jordan.

Hmm..what else happened this weekend? Ahh - ants invaded the pantry. I HATE that! Clearing out, spraying, wiping down, putting back. Grrrrrr...but at least the top shelf in my pantry looks neat and tidy now.

I woke this morning with the 'urge to purge'. I am cleaning stuff out! And, thank you Lord, there is a goodwill pickup tomorrow! How convienent is that?! I've thinned out my falling-out-of-the-cupboard plastic container collection, secretly threw in a few old junky toys that haven't been played with in months, added a handful of old music CD's that I've outgrown and voila - feeling better already! Now to figure out how to get rid of all those Windows 2000 tech manual thingies in the office closet...who uses Windows 2000 anymore? If I can clear that space, I can put a couple really big, rarely played with, but too sentimental to toss toys up there.

Well, that's it for now. Vikki dear, if you're reading this, I need your Tackle It Tuesday info!!

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