Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bad Day

I'm having a bad day. I have a headache. My allergies are going beserk. My internet crashes everytime I check my email. The children keep complaining that they're hungry, but then only want candy. My lawn needs to be mowed. I have probate paperwork to review.

I want to run away. To Starbucks.

On a good note, I did make it to the post office this morning. And I managed to get everything out of the small hallway except for the cute little bench that's supposed to be there. I even put your shoes away, Hubby! I'm trying to muster enough energy to clear off the linen cabinet now. Since it's right next to the laundry room where we enter/exit the garage, stuff tends to accumulate there. Wierd random stuff life a small craft kit pirate chest, 3 bibles, CD's, used Kleenex, keys and a scarf.

Well, I guess I'd better quit whining and get on with it. Does anybody feel sorry for me?


Tiffany said...

Hey Tyna! Sorry you're having a bad day. Starbucks always brightens my day too! I keep a box of the Tazo Chai Tea here at home to mix w/ milk when I need a quick pick me up. I love Autumn too. It's my fav. season. I read Dr. Eggerichs'- Love and Respect last fall and I'm currently reading Debi Pearl's- Created to be his Help Meet. I've found good advice in both books. Hope the day gets better! God Bless

Wendy said...

I hope you're feeling better today. I'm impressed that you've got the gumption to do anything! I'm so out of it for the first half of my pregnancies. Did you get your Starbucks yet? :)

Scott said...

Headache? Allergies?
You clearly are allergic to bad days.
I suggest shoving candy down the throats of the little ones and take a nap.
Always works for me.
Pretty much anything in conjunction with a nap works for me.

Tiffany said...

Good Morning Tyna! I hope today is looking brighter. I found something this morning that reminded me of a point you were trying to make about love and respect. (I read it on Christian women online- a link on my page.)
“These are times when our faith must reign over our feelings so that obedience will counteract our natural desire to turn away.” --Any of you who are married realize love is not about the feeling all the time, but the commitment. Sometimes we need to follow through with what is right, and the feelings will come later.
God Bless your day!