Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Random Thoughts

It is officially Autumn here in NorCAl. I love Autumn. Yes, I meant to capitalize that. And I love the word Autumn. So much better than Fall. Autumn just seems to encompass all the wonder, color and scents of the season. Red and gold leaves, cinnamon, brisk outdoor air. The hot, sticky days of summer have given way to long sleeve shirts and wondering if you need that windbreaker. I'm inspired to light candles in the evening.

My sweet Nathan (aka Mighty Man or Bubba) is 2 1/2. Yesterday he asked me to vacuum out his carseat. ?!?! His fathers genes are showing thru...

Today I hope to make some progress on a beanbag project I'm working on. I have to cut out 46 more, then start sewing. I hope to have the sewing completed tomorrow. Next week will be filling and finishing.

I got my ultrasound appt - Nov 28. Yes, we are finding out the sex. For the record, I'm guessing a girl. My friend Pam also says she 'has a feeling' that it's a girl. Pam used to be a labor/delivery nurse before becomming a mommy, so I'll take her guesses any day! Speaking of Pam, I miss her. I should call her today. I should also call Erin, Karyn, Tanya, Becky, a couple ladies from church, and a bunch of other entities for stuff I need to get done.

I am beginning my Christmas preparations. I've made a list of all the people we want to give gifts to. I've completed (including wrapping) about 7 of them. But it makes me think about what I'd like to have for Christmas. I don't have any pressing needs this year, so I just have a want list. Both of my watches died, so I should replace one even though I don't wear one normally - you never know when you're gonna need one. I'd love to have the book Dangerous Wonder. Christmas ornaments are always a hit.

Check out the poll I posted last week. 100% of people prefered to be loved over respected. Interesting. Why is that? I suspect because they're all women. All the men I surveyed (my Hubby) prefered respect. This will have to percolate in my brain awhile. I'd like to comment further, but need to think it through. Your thoughts would be appreciated here!

Well, better get started on my day. Have a great one!

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