Friday, October 26, 2007

Busy, busy weekend

This is going to be way to busy of a weekend. Today I need to hem up some sheer curtains for the Eureka house. Then Sally is coming this morning so I can fix her a birthday lunch. Then we're supposed to go off to the pumpkin patch this afternoon, but I'm not sure I can fit it in. Plus we're going to Eureka on Saturday, so I have the normal cleaning and packing to do for that. Sheesh.

So, I won't be posting over the weekend. Maybe late Monday if I can get enough energy up.

On a nice note: I felt the baby move this week! That is just the best feeling. I love being pregnant (when I'm not sick)!

As my friend Vik says: Have a great weekend resting in God's faithfulness!


Ornery's Wife said...

Thanks for visiting Miller Manor!

Jenny is Live & in Color said...

Oh, I just loved feeling the baby move! That I miss.

Just stopped to say thanks for stopping by and commenting on(entering) my bloggy giveaway for tea.

Mama Zen said...

Oh, there's nothing like feeling the baby move!

Anonymous said...

Thanks ladies! I love pregnancy!