Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tested Faith!

My faith was sorely tested yesterday. We went to the grocery store and my Hannah brought her stuffed kitty Zip in with us. As we finished and got back in the van, Hannie discovered that she no longer had Zip! Crud. So we went back into the store to search. Hannie was in tears. I assured her that Jesus cares about the concerns of a little girl and that we should pray. She sobbed "It won't work!" I insisted that it would and said a little prayer.

As we walked back through the store, I was silently praying in desperation. Would have sounded something like this: "Ok Lord. I hope we find that darn cat, because what am I gonna tell her if we don't?! It's gonna make you look really bad to a tender little heart..."

But of course we found Zip in the candy aisle. She had put him down to fill up a bag with gummy worms for Daddy. Big sigh of relief! "Thank you Lord!"

Hannie kissed and hugged Zip all the way back to the van. Her faith in the Lord is restored, and I must admit, so is mine!


Kathleen Marie said...

How much more does the Lord loves our kids than we can fatham... God is so good!

Napagirl said...

I am glad Hannie got her toy back, and am also glad that it helped to give her faith to God. He does work in wonderul ways