Sunday, July 12, 2015

Working on myself...

So, I've been doing this new workout thing.  It's called DailyBurn (  I've done 6 workouts now and I can really feel a difference.  The scale hasn't budged yet, but I'm not nearly as sore, and I'm doing a few more reps.

I really like that this...system? charts your scores so you can see how you're progressing. You can follow the recommended workouts for each day, or pick your own based on what body part you want to focus on, or even just workouts with a particular trainer.

The workouts are really hard.  But I like them because they move really, really quickly.  Generally, there is 20 or 30 seconds of work, with a 10 to 20 second rest, then on to the next move.  By the time I feel like I'm going to die, there's only 5 minutes to go.  And they show onscreen how long you've been working, and how long to go you have.

So here's my goals: I currently weigh 146 pounds (yikes!).  I want to be down to 140 by Sept 4th (my anniversary - 22yrs!).  That's 7 weeks. I'm not really sure if that's realistic, but I'm going to work hard for it anyway.  It'll be close, I think. My plan is to work out a minimum of 21 days a month.  I've done 6 days so far this month.

I also plan to post here once a week or so, just for accountability. I'll occasionally post a workout score on FB if I get a good one!

There is another thing to this.  I haven't really worked out regularly for at least 4 years.  Children, school, home, etc suck up every spare second.  I finally decided to take someone's advice, and put on my own oxygen mask first.  I WILL do my Bible study and my workout Every.Single.Day before I do anything else.  For 2 months.  At the end of that, I will assess if the 'take care of yourself first' principle really works.  So far, everyone seems okay.  School is still getting done, everyone is fed, housework is fine.  I'll keep you all posted on this aspect too.

I'm kinda excited.  I think this could really work.

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