Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Some goals

I've been working through figuring out my priorities for this season of life, and deciding how to be most productive.  So for now, here is my morning routine.

6am - get up and get dressed.  I'm usually up, but the getting dressed part gets put off.  I love jammies!

6:10 - get coffee, check email/blogs

6:30 - bible & prayer

6:50 - exersize, shower

7:30 - start breakfast

This is the goal anyway.  The last few days, Seth has been waking up at 5:20 or so. And with my eye surgery last week, exersize was banned.  I can do it now, but now it's already 86 degrees and we have no AC yet.  It was 108 degrees yesterday.  Inside the house got up to 86.

Well, the natives are getting restless.  Off to make breakfast.

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