Monday, April 27, 2015

The Toddler And The Unflushed Toilet

May I regale you with a tale from my life? It's funny now, but last Wednesday I wanted to cry.

So, there was this unflushed toilet (liquid only, Thank You Lord Jesus).  And an open bathroom door.  We will not speak of how many times I have waxed poetic against these crimes against humanity, and just go directly to the story.

Seth Michael is an adorable baby.  Smart, funny, and the usual amount of curiosity. Can you see where this is going?

I heard splashing, and immediately knew exactly what was happening.  Seth was soaked.  The floor was littered with puddles and shredded bits of soggy paper. I'm not sure if I actually said a bad word, or just thought it. Loudly.

I scooped up Seth and stripped him down and plunked him into a warm bath.  I asked an un-named child to Sit.With.Him.Until.I.Come.And.Get.Him.  I then went to clean up the bathroom while Sethy-poo played in the water.

The bathroom was nice and clean and I was admiring my work when I hear Seth crying with a particularly distressed screech.  I run to the bathroom that he is in to find the above mention un-named child has disapeared and apparently delegated the Watch Seth task to a younger sibling who has handed him a bar of soap. The water in the tub is now opaque with soap and Seth's hands are slick and he's frantically rubbing his eyes and screaming.  I may or may not have shouted at someone. Ahem.

After I get Sethy cleaned up, he's exhausted.  And why not?  He's spent the afternoon playing Toilet Polo and washing his eyeballs.

Just a day in the life of Tyna.  Who wouldn't wanna be me?!

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