Friday, February 20, 2015


So, it's Friday.  I didn't get everything done I wanted, but made good progress.  The horse heads are cut out and all pinned together, all ready for sewing.  A 20 minute sewing session tomorrow should get that part done, then we can work on the sticks.

My floors are swept and mopped, the bathrooms cleaned, and a very large amount of yard work done.  We worked in the yard 1 hour a day Wed, Thurs and today, and also plan to do it again tomorrow.

I finished Olivia's birthday hat too.  I want to knit another sheep cozy, a little bigger this time. I have a small ball of leftover brown wool that would be perfect.  The white one I made is for a small Starbucks size cup, but I'd like one to fit a medium cup.

I'm going out with DH tonight to dinner w/o children, and then he's promised to take me to the yarn store!!  How romantic is that?!  I want to start on a shawl, but haven't found just the right yarns.

Well, we need to do a quick tidy before we go out tonight.  Until next time!

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