Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Week 'Off"

Here's what I need to complete this coming week since it is our week off of school.


  •  put dinner in the crockpot since we have music co-op in the afternoon
  • start birthday hat for Olivia
  • Leave by 12:30 for home around 4:30
  • cut out 7 stick horses with corresponding eyes and ears
  • re-think the stick part of the horses...those dowels are a bit pricier than I expected
  • Make phone call to schedule class for Michael for his birthday...shhhh!
  • piano teacher comes Tues for and hour and a half
  • Make a couple phone calls to invite new friends for dinner
  • Make phone call to schedule my eye exam
  • phone call for Josiah and Seth Dr appts
  • trip to library to pick up Hannah's books on Haiti for her project
  • Have girls cut yarn for horse manes
  • Sew horse heads/ears/manes together        
  • Catch up on any housework
  • Have Hannah draw large horse pic for Pin the Tail on the Pony game
  • Michael goes to mens group in the evening, so we can have a simpler dinner
  • Hopefully have figured out the stick problem
  • stuff horse heads and secure sticks
  • Come up with prizes for party games - maybe hit the Dollar Store
  • maybe meet with friends in the afternoon (knitting time!)
  • Go to Hobby Lobby and buy Pony Cake Pan (with 40% off coupon!)
  • Help Michael do whatever on the kitchen project
  • Grocery shopping

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