Sunday, November 30, 2014

Knitting update...

Hat number 1 is finished.  Well, practically.  It's currently drying, and I must thread a ribbon thru the eyelet holes.  5 minutes, tops.

Hat number 2 is on the needles.  Looks like it will be a quick knit.  I'm using a different pattern because the child for whom it is intended took a liking to a stupid looking bubble hat pattern.'s about making them happy, right?

I still intend to make Joe a scarf.  I just need to find a cute pattern.  I'm thinking something with a cable.  Just one or two...simple, so it can be done by Christmas.  And a hat for Sethy...mmmm.  We'll see.

Thanksgiving was lovely here.  We invited 8 people, for a total of 16 people here.  A few more came later for dessert.  Each person brought 2 or 3 items to share, so the workload was spread out.  My 3 biggs helped with cleaning house.  Hannah made Peppermint Fudge - oh my!

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