Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Seth Michael Begley
9lbs, 5oz.
On today, his 3 week birthday, I am finally posting the official notice!  Sorry, my friends.  6 children, new baby, and a kitchen remodel.  I'm a little behind...


Unknown said...

He is adorable - almost as handsome as his father.

Anonymous said...

He's adorable! What a blessing! And, "behind" ... are you kidding? HOW you even find time to blog (with all that you have going on: family, meals, homeschool, home, outings/activities, etc.) is beyond me! You're not behind - you're ahead! Kudos to you!

I'm guessing your blog-time is your "me" down-time to relax and reflect but; it still takes time, energy, and attention you won't always have to give. We'll all understand if you're M.I.A. for long periods of time. :)

Praying for you and your growing family!

~ Lena W.