Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4 is an odd day.  My dear oldest girlie isn't feeling well.  Urpy tummy.  Not urpy enough to visit the bathroom, but just urpy enough to want to curl up on the couch with a blanket over her head.  Poor baby.

So, it is about 10:30 am.  I've got laundry done (even put away!), sorted thru the 2 little girls dresser drawers (organized and purged), done language stuff with Nathy and LeLe, sorted out the details of a wrong book that was sent to me last week, and I have a plan for dinner. 

A pretty good morning, I think. 

Monday is typically my 'clutter busting' day.  That can be anything from stacks of paper that need to be dealt with, or filing, or going thru children's clothes, whatever.  Today I think I want to make some lists.  Lists about what I want to do/make on Valentine's Day, how I'd like to organize the girls closet, grocery list, organizational projects, maybe sketching out what I want the garden to be this year.  I also should put together my sewing table. But the directions look very intimidating.  I really would rather that a certain someone else do it for me.  But it's been in that box for 6 weeks now, so I guess I should just be strong and brave and jump it.'s harder to be strong and brave on some days than on others, you know?

So here for your view pleasure is a list of organizational projects I'd like to complete in February:
  1. Organize my enormous linen cabinets.
  2. Organize my laundry room cabinets, but that will also mean I have to 
  3. Organize the garden shed. All those canning jars, you know.
Anyone have any thoughts on how to organize/tidy all those bottles and packages and boxes that belong in the medicine/first aid category? How about the seasonal decorative stuff?  I think I may have to invest in a bunch of matching baskets/boxes.  Mmm...maybe a label maker too. To open the cabinet doors and see rows of identical baskets with tidy labels all lined still my beating heart!!

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