Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!!

I am the big 40 today!   I'm halfway to glory!  It's all downhill from here!

What a lovely day so far.  Since 40 is a big deal, I have proclaimed this to be my birthday week, starting with yesterday. 

Yesterday I requested green eggs and ham for breakfast, and there were long recitations from Dr. Seuss.  Lovely...

As of 9am this morning, I have 1 came-in-the-mail birthday card, 1 birthday phone call, 1 birthday text, and 4 birthday Facebook postings. 

My plan for the day consists of organizing the office so that I can get my new sewing table set up in there.  Really - organizing is one of my favorite things to do, so this task is going to be a fun thing for me!  But I'm still in my jammies, so I guess I should get dressed first.  And I need to find that box of manilla folders so I can create my 2013 files.  And I am only 5 rows away from finishing that hat I'm knitting for hubby.

But CVS has sent me a $3 coupon for anything in the store, and Starbucks has given me a free drink in any size I want.  And I have gift cards for JC Penny and a shoe store I have never heard of. 

Then tonight, hubby is taking me to dinner while my friend T watches the children (and feeds them dinner!). And she's throwing me a birthday party on Saturday.  I love T.  I LOVE YOU T!!!!!!!!!  

So, gentle reader, have a lovely day!  I will knit and clean and organize to my heart's content today. I will try to post later in the week how everything went.  Think warm, fuzzy thoughts for me today!!!

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