Monday, February 27, 2012


It's been a pretty productive day folks! We ran to the grocery early this morning, and got back a little after 10am. The children worked on their language stuff while I put groceries away and started lunch. I was able to complete all our 'core' school stuff today: Bible, piano, math and language.

After lunch, I threw in some laundry and turned on the dishwasher, then we all went outside and did a bit of yardwork. I asked each child to bring me 10 sticks from around the yard to throw in the greenwaste bin. I also clipped a few cottonwood sprouts, trimmed the rosebushes, and raked up another pile of leaves. The yard is looking much better. Most of the autumn leaves are now off the ground, and the little ones can see where they are walking. There are so many cottonwood sprouts popping up, they kept tripping on the sprouts that were hiding under the piles of dead leaves.

I figure I have another 2 greenwaste bins of leaves I can dispose of, plus more trimming of cottonwood saplings. But I spent some time today being active outdoors, and that feels nice!

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