Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Me too

Well, it was too much to hope that I wouldn't get this bug. I started throwing up around 3pm yesterday. Michael got pizza for dinner, but only he and the 2 little girls ate. Then he got everyone off to bed.

I remember thinking in my fog that he sure got everyone to bed quickly. This morning, everyone got up in the same clothes they were wearing yesterday. Hmm...yes, bedtime goes more quickly when you don't have to change into pajamas. And there was no flossing. I assume he didn't want to put his hands in all those sick mouths. Ah well.

Today the queasiness comes and goes. But all my joints ache and I'm really weak and shaky. I did take a shower, but that made me feel very relaxed and sleepy.

But I have a very perky almost-2-year old who is not going to let Mama sleep, and everyone else is in some form of flu-induced fog.

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