Thursday, August 11, 2011

Winding up summer

Nothing overly exciting today, my friends. It's just after noon. The children have all been fed and the eldest 3 are splashing and squealing in the new plastic kiddie pool I purchased this morning. Olivia Jewell was dipped, dried, and put down for her nap. The water was just too cold for an almost-18 month old princess.

I have ordered our new school curriculum. It arrived earlier in the week, but I know if I open the box I will be lost for several hours. I must wait until I have the time and brainpower to process, plan and enjoy. In the meantime, our summer 'school' consists of math, reading and a unit study of the state of California. The unit study should be done by the end of next week. I will then take a 2 full weeks 'off' of school, and start the new year on Sept 7th. That's the plan anyway.

Here is a picture of Olivia being a helper. Big sister sweeps the kitchen, and baby sister likes to 'help'. We have revamped our daily housework schedule, and each child has a chore or two assigned for each day (me too!). This seems to be working well. I don't feel like I have to do every little thing around here, and the children are learning housekeeping skills and responsibility. It also helps fill up their free time, which keeps them from bickering so much.

Ah, children bellow from poolside. I must go and tend to the complexities of who splashed whom and who did it first.

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